Bio for MMCJ.S. WilliamsUSN (Ret)


01-73†† Enlisted US Navy Delayed Entry Program at Naval Reserve Center Santa Maria, CA

04-73 to 06-73Boot Camp RTC San Diego Ca.†† Co 115

06-73 to 09-73MM ďAĒ School NTC Great Lakes, IL.

09-73 to 04-77USS Marvin Shields DE / FF-1066††† M-Division

04-77 to 11-78Civ. Pac. (civilian)

11-78 to 11-80USS Sperry AS-12††† R-2 Division

12-80 to 11-82USS Hull DD-945††††† M-Division

12-82 to 11-85NRMTF Puget SoundYR-86Tacoma, WA

11-85 to 02-86Instructor School NTC, San Diego

02-86 to 02-89Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center San Jose, CA

02-89 to 10-89USS RoarkFF-1053††† M-Division

10-89 to 08-90Naval Drug Screening Lab, Oakland, CA

08-90 to 02-93USS Prairie AD-15††† RS Division

02-93 to 12-94SIMA San Diego††† Facilities Manager

12-31-94    Retired


During my tour aboard the MIGHTY MARV, I was assigned to M-Div. in Aux Mach 1 as well as the Engine Room.I reported as an MMFA out ofA School and left an MM2. I saw the better part of 2 Western Pacific Deployments a the first of which we spent several months off of the coast of Viet Nam in support of Operation Piraz and a Yard Period in Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I was there for the introduction of EOSS, EOCC, the first Light Off Examination or LOE, and I saw Reftra twice.I was qualified for all watch stations in Aux 1, as well as all watch stations in the Engine Room up to and including Engine Room Supervisor.I was also qualified as Cold Iron and Sounding and Security Watchs.


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