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                                        About this site



            This site was created on November 1, 2000; to help shipmates find other shipmates they lost contact with over time. Enjoy looking at the cruise books and if you see one I do not have and would let me scan it in for others to view please mention that in the email and we can setup all mailing info. 

       If you do not have a web site but would like a bio or story posted please do the following:  Open Word and create what you would like to say and do your spell checking, when done use the "Save as Html" function. Save it as yournamebio.html and email it to If you need help with this please mention this in the email and I will gladly assist you in getting your update on the web.

           If you have a picture of yourself while you were in the Navy and a picture of you now, I will put next to your name for people to click on. As for pictures of PI, cruises etc I will be adding a picture page by division for these to be posted. If you know how to create a thumbnail of each picture you want posted it would very helpful. Please contact me on getting any pictures you have on the web

                 As for links, I have created a links page for all to find how to contact the Navy for help in DD-214's etc.  Any pictures or Cruise Books I scan in I ensure you are returned in the same condition I received them and I put the cruise book and photos on a CD that I send back to you. Thanks for stopping by and if you see a shipmate not registered please email them to sign on.






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